What promotional products should you offer to college students?

Starting a new college life could be daunting for some students; therefore, colleges should take the responsibility to offer promotional products to them to make them feel at college. Most colleges are simply focused on completing the paperwork for students and admitting them into the program but, it isn’t the greatest initiative to welcome them to the college community.

Instead, we would recommend you to invest in promotional products to offer to college students. It would do wonders for the reputation of your college, as well as it would make a pleasant surprise for freshman college students. The following is a list of promotional products that you should offer to college students:

Branded prospect folder

When a high school graduate visits your college to learn more about the admission process than, you should arrange the prospect booklet and other admission paperwork in a prospect folder branded with a college’s name and logo. It would add a professional appeal to the admission process, and the prospect student would be intrigued to become a part of your college. Instead, if you keep papers in a simple and dull folder then, it would do the exact opposite.

Branded pens

Students are suckers for free pens, and receiving a free pen from your college welcoming community would delight them endlessly. They can use the pen for filling in the paperwork, and you can encourage them to keep the pen with them. It would make an excellent college souvenir for students wandering from one college to another for the process.

Branded tote bags

The impact of branded and logoed tote bags has taken the world of promotional products by a pleasant surprise. They are known for its usability and versatility, and you can encourage the students to bring the tote bags to their classes.